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mathnasium summer camps

Our instructors will also set aside time to provide homework help. Join The Viola Project in Austin Gardens for our signature Shakespeare summer camps! The Viola Project unites and empowers girls and gender nonconforming from diverse backgrounds to stand up, advocate for themselves, and demand inclusion.

My son Cristian was frustrated with math. He looked scared when he would sit in front of his math homework. It felt like he couldn’t understand the homework because he was struggling with basic concepts. We went to Mathnasium to try to do something that would have a positive result for him. In 3 short months he has become so much better at math. He doesn’t get frustrated anymore, he seems to breeze through it now for the most part. And he really enjoys going to Mathnasium.

I signed him up and to date his grade has significantly improved. I would highly recommend Mathnasium to my friends and family. Here at Mathnasium of Mesa South we are passionate about math and strive to make Math easy and fun. We would love to be the ones to assist your child with their Math education. For many kids summer is already here. Inside their minds, they are already swimming in pools, eating an endless amount of ice cream, and watching show after show on Netflix. I just joined otherwise I would have given it a 10, But I would like to wait to see the progression of my child.

Mathnasium + Summer 2020 = Math Confidence (and Fun) For Your Child

He has improved an entire grade level since starting the program. He has really responded to the reward system and is now completely motivated to improve with math and has overcome a lot of his fear of math. This experience has made Math fun for my son. He is gaining confidence and increasing his skills. He is catching up on his uneven lagging skills and grades have gone up! Eric and his team are incredibly attentive, patient and fun!

Others benefit from previewing upcoming concepts. She started coming to Mathnasium and after the first month the re-do assignments stopped and her grades started to improve. I like tat they assess everything and make an educational plan for what my child is missing and not just help them with their homework. My sons grade in his class is slowly improving which makes me happy. My daughter is doing better in middle school compared to last year.

Our daughter has been going to The Aliante Mathnasium close to a year, it has been a wonderful experience. We started at the end of 4th grade, and the end of the last quarter. She has always done well at school, and with all the new ways of teaching math in school, she was really struggling and losing confidence. We came in to check it out, and she was immediately ready to do this. Once she started things have been great. We come right after school, she does her homework here and if she doesn’t have homework they have a custom packet of materials for her to do at the center.

mathnasium summer camps

I get texts and email on when I scheduled appointments for my child. I see my child using the strategies they teach her to answer math questions. She’s more confident in her math skills. I am so happy that my son has been able to get instructions through the lessons he receives at the center. The instructors and the material presented for his level are filling in the huge gaps he has had for so many years.

It does make a difference in kids enjoyment and learning of math. The balance of providing individualized attention to while allowing the student to working independently and build confidence. We also appreciate the way they teach math principles. It truly builds lifelong math skills in my opinion. We have been very pleased w our experience at Mathnasium North Manchester.

My daughter has improved in her math, and especially loves working with jake and ken! I plan on continuing throughout her high school years and college should she stay home. Mathnasium of Commack has been a wonderful experience for both my son and daughter. We have been attending for about two years and my kids view the Mathnasium teachers like family. If your child struggles or if your child is bored easily, Mathnasium is your solution. It was mine and I’m very happy with the results. This has helped my 3rd grade son a lot.

Our son enjoyed the experience so much, he was disappointed when the gift certificate was done. The incentives were a great motivator for Torin as well. My kids love Mathnasium— they feel much more comfortable asking questions in the small setting instead of a big zoom classroom. Mathnasium is helping them stay on track while school is remote. Our son has gained such confidence and grown more comfortable in math. What once was a chore now comes more naturally.

Plus, he loves it and loves the people there. everyone is so nice, the kids love Mathnasium and the process of improving their math skills. We couldn’t be more happy with our experience at Eagle Rock Mathnasium. Our son enjoys going there, finds it to be a fun learning environment and is improving his abilities and scores at every new assessment.

One word to describe Mathnasium is AWESOME!!!! I have had nothing but positive experiences with Michelle and her team at Mathnasium! They are professional, caring, smart, and all around awesome to work with! My son continues to get better in math and his confidence has really improved since being tutored here. I plan to keep him involved with Mathnasium not only to get him caught up to his grade level but to get him ahead so that he can excel in the subject. I am confident that Mathnasium will get him there. My son is in gifted and talented and advanced math so I was curious to see if there would be any gaps in his algebra skills.

Homeschooling During Quarantine

I’m surprised by my daughter’s response to going to mathnasium. She has only fought me once about going in which case I gave in because she wasn’t felling very well and took herself to bed early that night. She said she likes to go because she gets to earn prizes. She did not want to do anything that has to do with math until she went to mathnasium. So far I am happy with the service provided by Mathnasium. I feel my son enjoys the time he spends there and I feel they are showing him ways to understand the math in a way he can understand and enjoy. My 7th grade son went from an F to an C in Math.

She just wanted to do better and not fall behind. We have been coming the entire 2 years. It’s a great program and they really work with you to help the kids succeed. We come right after school, she gets her homework done, if no homework , she has worksheets to do that help follow what they are learning in school. My daughter has a A in math, she participates during class, and she now says math is one of her favorite classes.

I will monitor her math grades to see if we can get her back in. learning math again since coming to mathnasium. Michelle the owner is amazing and my daughter loved attending her program.

Junior Bravo Academy camp is designed for students that may be new to the stage and have the desire to learn more about musical Theater. Our JBA camp is 4 weeks – grades 4-6. Staff is very friendly and caring, my daughter loves it at Mathnasium. My daughter is very happy with attending your program.

Summer Fun

Our daughter was struggling, and now she is starting to get a little more comfortable. They worked hard with my 3rd grader and she went from failing to passing in 2 months.

Mathnasium has learning centers in both Oak Park and La Grange! For more information and to schedule a trial session, call Mathnasium and see what a difference it can make. The program is very individualized to meet the youth’s needs. Great actitude have those Teachers with the Kids, our Son love to go. We couldn’t be more pleased with our grandson’s progress. His progress has been amazing in the classroom and on state examinations. Miss Rucha and her team love what they do and it truly shows.

mathnasium summer camps

Mathnasium has been absolutely fantastic for my 8 year old daughter. Not only has she gotten better at doing math, but her analytical skills have improved as well. I cannot say enough good things about how good the staff at Mathnasium is. Not only does she make all the students feel welcome and comfortable, but she makes math understandable and relatable.

The staff are very pleasant and not intimidating. One thing I really like is that you don’t have to schedule a session. Flexibility and many days it is open is very convenient for us. I even like the location because I can run errands while waiting for my daughter. I hope the program will be effective and eventually help her with her math struggle. My son has learned so many ways of doing Math. He is very glad to be conquering math problems that before Mathnasium he had trouble understanding.

They are great with the kids and my son feels more confident about his math skills already. Our 10-year-old son has been attending Mathnasium for over 6 months and he loves it. He says it is really helping him to improve in math. He can now solve multi-digit subtraction problems with regrouping and has his multiplication facts memorized up to 12. Now he’s working on memorizing facts up to 14.

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This year my 9 year old started homeschooling and it’s been going fine but I was worried about her math. She was very resistant to math and I worried that without better one-on-one instruction, she would fall way behind. She had a poor attitude about math and kept saying she didn’t like it and wasn’t good at it. Mathnasium was able to identify what she was good at and where she lacked. We’ve only been doing this a few weeks but already they have helped her gain confidence and even find enjoyment in math, and she’s improving really fast. Excellent teachers who actually spend the time using a one on one method to explain concepts. My daughter has started averaging a consistent ‘A’ grade since we started Mathnasium more than a year ago.

  • Our instructors will also set aside time to provide homework help.
  • I can not wait till the center opens back up.
  • The tutors are friendly and very helpful.
  • My daughter has been attending Mathnasium here for about 2 years.
  • I honestly didn’t think there would be, but wow he has gaps in some pretty critical areas.

I am happy with how much help my child gets at Mathnasium. He still has some work to do but I have notice good progress from my child since starting Mathnasium. My daughter has made tremendous progress since beginning Mathnasium.

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Eric gives great feedback and is very attentive to your needs. During the Covid-19 shut down, Mathnasium’s online distance learning live tutoring sessions are still very helpful for our 5th grader. He really misses the attending his tutoring sessions in person, but at least he won’t fall behind in math with his 1 hour online sessions 3 times weekly. Thank you Eric and Mathnasium of Eagle Rock for keeping it all so organized and together despite the challenges due to the pandemic. We’re so happy your daughters enjoy practicing their math with us!

I could not be happier with her results and it’s all because of the tutoring she is receiving at Mathnasium. She begs to come and would every day if she could. In other words, they would benefit from a review of the previous year’s Math concept so that they do not forget what they learnt over the school year. Math was fairly easy for them and was challenging enough. In this case, they can do well by remaining engaged to some of the same concepts so that they remain fresh in their minds. If they feel like they are ready for more challenging material, then they can be introduced to more advanced Math. On the other hand, maybe Math was too easy for your child and not challenging enough.