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How to reclass

The important thing to know is that you must have officially graduated from high school on time if you’re going to need additional course work to gain NCAA eligibility. Knowing these rules is important and unfortunately many families aren’t aware until it’s too late. Each year a student plays after their one year off, they will be charged a year of eligibility. You could be academically eligible but only approved for 3 years of playing if you did not enroll in college during the appropriate time frame. While there are many valid reasons families may want their student to repeat a grade, California public schools almost universally refuse to allow retention. We have met many families who undergo hours of paperwork and formal administrative meetings only to be denied retention.

  1. A year of reclassing  often means a monetary investment from the parents and for the athlete a 365 days investment into their life and future.
  2. From their other parent, they will only gain their parent’s base class except in the case of Azura who gives the Sky Knight class.
  3. In order for the ‘extra year,’ investment to be optimized, the family needs to have a clear vision of the end goal.
  4. Make sure to submit all the necessary documents and follow any specific instructions provided by your school.
  5. ROI can be massive and the athlete’s stock can skyrocket – if the time is used wisely and treated as such.

Reclassified seniors who meet the criteria set by their school for honor roll or other awards can still be eligible for these academic recognitions. As long as they maintain the required GPA or fulfill any other necessary requirements, they can be eligible for honors and awards just like any other student. Reclassifying as a senior in high school can be a complex process, but by following these steps and working closely with your school counselor, you can navigate through it successfully. Remember to stay organized, keep track of your credits, and communicate with the necessary individuals to ensure a smooth transition. By reclassifying, students can have an opportunity to fulfill these requirements and earn their diploma.


As a parent, she became concerned about underfunded schools and over-testing. Graduation is a milestone moment, and reclassified seniors should not miss out on the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work and perseverance. Reclassification must be approved by administrators and will require meeting credit, testing, and other eligibility criteria. No matter the scenario, all student-athletes looking to play in college must meet the NCAA’s 16 core course requirements. An NCAA DI college may choose to apply for a waiver with the NCAA if they can argue extenuating circumstances, however, you should never assume you will get a college to file a waiver for you. Reclassification among student-athletes has become very popular in the last couple of years.

Reclassified seniors are encouraged to participate in graduation ceremonies just like any other graduating senior. This means they can walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and celebrate their achievement with friends, family, and fellow classmates. Once your reclassification is approved, it’s important to inform your teachers about the change in your graduation year. They will need to update their records accordingly and adjust your schedule if necessary. Communication is key to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid any confusion.

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In some cases the goal may just be for the student to get stronger academically. In business & personal life we often talk about ‘finding the why.’ The athlete needs to identify the why and set clear goals to get there. In addition, it is an  extra  year for any athlete to utilize and to take advantage of athletically and academically. When done right, a reclass year can really propel the athlete and open many doors that were never opened before. For many this has proven to be one of the best investments an athlete and their family ever made and the return on investment has been more than expected. Reclassing a student is a way to give a student or athlete an additional year to mature academically and athletically before starting high school.

How to reclass

Reclassing after 8th grade, the student has already received his or certification to enter 9th grade so grades are not as important as understanding and knowing how to apply curriculum. Simply put, reclassification means your official high school graduation date is different from a typical four-year high school start. This could mean graduating earlier than your classmates or graduating later because you took the same classes over again and/or repeated a year in high school. Children character inherit their determinate parent’s primary class (secondary class if parent’s and child’s primary classes are the same) except for Shigure who gains the Troubadour. From their other parent, they will only gain their parent’s base class except in the case of Azura who gives the Sky Knight class. If their parents share the same base class, they will gain their non-determinate parent’s secondary class or the opposite route’s class equivalent.

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There are limitations on how many of a particular class one can have, which are based on the total number of a certain class you could have plus one. After completing New Mystery of the Emblem on Hard difficulty and Classic or above, male sets A and B become merged. One of the main reasons students may choose to reclassify as a senior is if they are falling behind on credits or courses. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as switching schools, experiencing personal challenges, or struggling with certain subjects.

What is reclassing?

Even after 50 years of reclassifications, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding  the choice and it often carries a stigma. The stigma and the controversy stems from people not fully understanding what it really means and the benefits. Contrary to popular beliefs there are rules and regulations governing over exactly how much older a child can potentially be than their peers.

The ROI can reach tremendous heights if the athlete doesn’t just work but actually decides to put in extra work during this investment year. In optimizing a reclass year, an important component is to devise a well thought out plan and goals. In order for the ‘extra year,’ investment to be optimized, the family needs to have a clear vision of the end goal. Maybe the goal is to get into a high level high school the following  school year. Maybe the goal is to get a spot on the Varsity team as a freshman and have a chance to impact the school team for all four years. Perhaps the goal is for the athlete to get a chance to mature physically and emotionally.

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This means that their hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded with a diploma that holds the same value as any other high school graduate. One aspect that students often consider when contemplating reclassification is the impact it may have on their sports eligibility. Reclassifying as a senior may affect your ability to participate in certain sports or compete at the varsity level.

Additionally, the child will gain additional levels, gain Weapon EXP, and learn any skills they would have learned. Offspring Seals can only be used by the child that had it originally and becomes useless once the character either reclasses in any way. After finding the error a transfer entry was used to reclass the ledger amount of 5,000 in rent account to telephone expenses account.