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turbotax 2011 problems

They knew the software problem would not allow filers with a 1099-NEC to be able to E-file. On 2/15/21, I was completing my 2020 tax returns. After the website had been advertising for a $40 return and additional $40 return , I was charged $90 and then an additional $50. I did not received or request any additional services and would like a refund for the difference. I have used TurboTax for 20 years I think, and this is really the first such technical issue I have encountered. I want to see if this issue is easily solved, because I have already spent a good two hours of my time on this, maybe 3 hours.

I will make it my mission to tell everyone to not patron this company; because they do not care about their customers. As far as i”m concerned this is the worsts produc I everused and I will not recommend this product to anyone. Also my first attempt of my return was rejected saying I could not efile even though I’ve always efiled before.

I’m trying to think of what could cause that but I’m at a loss. But you do get the correct amount when you print? I’d call the Turbo Tax support team. I’m curious as to what’s causing it. Thanks for reporting it though.

If you don’t have the fiscal dates, the program assumes a calendar year and won’t allow the 2015 dates. It sounds to me like you did the right thing. You shouldn’t owe additional tax as you’ve already reported it, just on the wrong line.

turbotax 2011 problems

I was able to install the downloaded TurboTax, and activate it with the license code, it just will not update. I didn’t even install TurboTax on my Mac this year. Until there’s a real Quicken for Mac that imports ALL Quicken for Windows data and performs the same tasks filing taxes will always be a Windows job for me. Quicken essentials is an easy, lightweight banking app but, as they might say, it ain’t no real Quicken. Power users prefer software because they have more flexibility and access to tax forms.

@PowerTripReport Is anyone else having issues with @turbotax and their @TDAmeritrade 1099-B? I’m getting errors that I cannot fix. @A187uummkilla @turbotax I just paid for somewhat service and having issues about to lose me after 8yrs.

Why don’t you have email contact for people with disabilities? Your phone service is horrid. @bgmaxwell8 @CreditKarmaTax was a nice idea but it doesn’t function. can’t file my state return because of an error in their software, and their tech support are unable to fix the problem.

Turbotax Lot 2011

Lack of oil changes can result in a build up of carbon deposits entering the turbocharger. @zxqwd Anyone using @turbotax should be extremely wary. I spent hours tracking down and fixing problems caused by their software simply inserting random numbers and old info into my forms. @41satmanDan @turbotax why is your site not working. You know the busy time is mid February thru April 1.

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I know it seems crazy, but I just did an update of my software this morning. I don’t prepare Turbo Tax returns.

Causes Of Turbo Failure

I think turbo tax tried to make me pay the alternative minimum tax even tho I was below the exemption. I did the amt calculation and it took away my refund then I undid the amt and got it back.

– went through same failed update process as with original install- several tries- no success. I have used turbotax mac for many years, back when it was macintax. Never had problems like these. At this point I would not advice anyone to use Turbotax 2011 on a Mac. Though the TurboTax is a secure and robust program, you might face problems at times when updating the software. Most of such issues are minor and can be easily fixed with basic troubleshooting.

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Problems With Turbotax 2011?

They are charging clients for services that they cannot provide. Sometimes, software code itself can be the reason of update problem. So, before going further, you should check for these possible reasons. TurboTax update problems usually cause error messages, or the download process might stop before it is completed. When updating the software, you might face some of the typical errors, including the ‘Error create firewall rule!

  • I was able to install the downloaded TurboTax, and activate it with the license code, it just will not update.
  • I bought TT several weeks ago, installed it.
  • I filed electronically, the refunds are already in the bank, couldn’t be happier with the product.
  • Bottom line though, the 2015 tax return must be on 2015 tax forms.
  • So I quit and went on to the next phase.

Refund Transfer available via web browser only. Same error the 2nd time and I was careful to say I did NOT want the tax deferral even though I knew I had said it the 1st time as well. On February 12 of 2021 I got onto my Turbotax account, which I had not been on since the 2020 tax season.

All of these problems I mention are preventable. You will save yourself lots of money by buying the right program, updating before you file, and making use of the Turbo Tax number provided in your box. I used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file my taxes. My federal return was rejected because a social security number was left off of the form. I have gone thru Turbo Tax’s automated system to ‘fix it’ and there is no way for me to fix it.

I know that if you download the basic, but you need the landlord edition or something like that, then the forms you need won’t be available. In reality you’re use whatever your actual numbers are. 2 Schedule Cs – that’s how you will break up the income. Get more money on top of your refund.

turbotax 2011 problems

Otherwise the state option is a waste of money. I e-filed my 2013 TurboTax return with their program, Evidently the IRS did not get it. I found out when I was later planing to amend it.

Well, what’s your tax bracket? At 25%, you’d be saving $1625 so I’d say yes. You need to call the Turbo Tax hotline and talk to one of their consultants. They’ll be able to look at your return and explain if it’s just that you didn’t withhold–or it you really did make a mistake. It could be any number of things. Most likely, you had less state withholding than last year and didn’t qualify for a refund.

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But I think you’re right, that at your income, you shouldn’t be paying AMT. I don’t know the answer, but I’m posting this to see if anybody else can help you. Do try calling the Turbo Tax tech support people. I know, you might be on hold for awhile, but they’re probably your best bet.