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The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to receive an Gift Card in exchange for thousands of eligible items including Amazon Devices, cell phones, video games, and more. Some trade-ins may also be eligible for a limited-time, promotional credit off of a new qualifying Amazon Device. The process is easy and convenient with an immediate offer and free shipping. Sometimes, the only way to restore your Kindle Fire to its working order is to perform a full factory reset. If you need additional help troubleshooting your Kindle Fire, or the factory reset doesn’t correct the issue you can visit the Kindle support website.

You must unlock your device from cloud services prior to shipping us your trade-in. You can find instructions by visiting Unlock or Deregister Your Device for Trade-In. Now that you’ve backed up your device, it’s time to factory reset your Kindle Fire. Before following through with this, though, we recommend performing a soft reset to see if that solves your problems. A soft reset can fix many basic issues without restoring factory settings. Resetting your Kindle Fire can solve many of the problems it may be having.

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  • Try a soft reset to see if your problem gets fixed.
  • Once your device is accepted, an Gift Card equal to the appraised value of your Kindle and a 20% off credit toward a new Kindle will be automatically applied to your account.
  • You also agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy.
  • The promotional credit towards a new Qualifying Device is limited to one per customer and account during this promotion and may, in some limited cases, not be combined with other offers.
  • While both Soft and Hard Reset are used for troubleshooting and fixing malfunctioning devices, they have their own unique effects on the device.

You can quickly fix this by plugging the Kindle Fire into its charger and then proceeding.If your Kindle isn’t charging, there could be a problem with the charging cable itself. Try a different charger to see if you can get it to charge. Press the Power button to turn the Kindle back on. I have an old kindle and do not know how to access anything positively from it. If you are one of those who have Amazon Prime membership, you can easily borrow eBooks from the Kindle Lending Library and read them on your desired Kindle device without any problem. This benefit is exclusive to Kindle users who are Amazon Prime members, however you can also try out this service if you have the Amazon Prime trial.

By following these simple steps, you can proceed to factory resetting your device without permanently losing all of your data. The factory reset process will take a few minutes to complete, and your Kindle Fire will reboot when it is finished. When the Kindle Fire reboots, it will start up as if it is being started for the first time.

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return kindle fire

You won’t be able to access the Settings on your device, in case you end up losing the Lock Screen Password for your Kindle Fire. In such cases, you can get access to your device by following the steps below to Hard Reset Kindle Fire Without Password. Make sure that your device is charged tp at-least 30%, before going ahead with the following steps to Hard Reset Kindle Fire Tablet. You can try to Hard Reset Kindle Fire, in case your device is not working properly, even after performing a Soft Reset and trying out other troubleshooting tips. As you can imagine, Hard Reset can be useful in case the problems on your device are due to corrupted or malfunctioning files. The file transfer can take up to 5 minute with no progress notification.

How Long Do I Have To Ship My Device?

Which is still pretty good anyways, because it gives you the value and great experience that you always needed without any problem or hassle. Kindle Owners Lending Library is one of the many benefits that Amazon Prime members get along with free shipping and Prime Videos. If your item is not listed in one of these locations, then we currently do not have an offer for it. The Trade-In program is constantly updated with new items, so check back regularly. In general, all items you wish to trade in must match the exact version on the trade-in device selection screen except in the case that a device comes in multiple colors. Unless you’re selling your Kindle Fire or giving it to someone else once the factory reset completes, you’ll need to re-enter all your Amazon account information. In this article, I will show you how to factory reset your Kindle Fire device.

return kindle fire

Yes, if you save progress through cloud, and if you back up your Kindle by plugging it into a computer and downloading the data to the computer. Look through the instruction manual, or look up the number call it and it will allow you to reset it through email. If you had registered your device, your apps should be on your cloud. If not, you would have to go back to the app store and re download them from there. It sounds like they were permanently deleted from your device. If you shared them on an app, you may be able to get them back from there. Slide down the top menu and tap “More.” You can open this menu by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Perform A Reset With Forgotten Screen Lock Code

See the Instant Payment section of the Amazon Trade-In Program Terms & Conditions page for more details. Print the shipping label and pack your trade-in item securely in a box or padded envelope to prevent any damages from occurring in-transit. You can drop off your trade-in item at any UPS store or eligible UPS drop-off point. For step-by-step directions see the Ship Your Trade-In help page. We currently accept items ranging from non-functional to good condition. To be paid at the highest value for your trade-in, your device must be in good condition.

I have a Kindle Fire, and you first have to reset the Kindle by shutting it off at first. If that does not work, then you would have to ask Amazon to reset your Kindle.

On the next screen pick “browse my computer for device software” and then“let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Find and choose the Kindle on the list and on the next screen choose the “adb composite interface”.

Hence, a Soft Reset can be useful, in case the cause of problems on your device is due to incorrect settings. Once you device boots then you should have a complete stock Kindle on the latest firmware with no root or modification. You can remove your Amazon account and even factory reset although not necessary. Now you can sell your tablet or just start with a fresh stock Kindle.

Try restarting the device, then press and hold the power button for 40 seconds. If that doesn’t work, I highly suggest contacting Kindle Customer Care.

return kindle fire

If the issues you’re having are related to hardware rather than software, it’s unlikely that the reset will work. Your tablet may have a warranty so contact Amazon for additional help. If you’re having a consistent freezing problem you should make sure that your Kindle’s software is up-to-date and the memory isn’t full. Lastly, try clearing the cache on your Kindle before performing the factory reset. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Reset to Factory Defaults.” You will be prompted to confirm that you want to reset the device and delete all of the data. You won’t be able to perform a factory reset if your battery has a low charge.

How To Return Kindle Fire Hd To Stock

In this post we are going to show you how to return your Kindle Fire HD to complete stock as if you just bought the tablet. This is for users who may have rooted their Kindle Fire HD and installed Play Store or other modifications. This is not for users who have installed a second bootloader and other rom like CyanogenMod. You may want to do this in order to sell your tablet or give it to others. Now, following the instructions above, go back to Device settings, scroll down and tap Reset to Factory Defaults.

Proceed through the initial setup and log in with your Amazon account. This will restore all of your purchases and settings. Before performing the soft reset, plug the Kindle into a wall charger.

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How To Factory Reset The Kindle Fire

You can find the full condition descriptions by visiting our Electronics Eligibility Criteria page. Trade-In eligible items are listed on the Amazon Trade-In program page.

There are millions of Kindle eBooks from various categories in Kindle Owners Lending Library that you can read for free with this service. There have been many reports of Kindle Fire devices randomly freezing up, or no longer turning on. I’m happy to say that I haven’t experienced this, and have owned a couple of Kindle Fires since November 17th. That said, I received a number of e-mails from people with the issue, and even one from David Ruiz urging me to write about it, if only to get Amazon to take notice of the issue. The steps to Soft Reset Kindle HD and HDX devices is a bit different.

The nice thing is that you can read these books for free from Kindle Lending Library as long as you are a Prime member. If you don’t have Prime, then you won’t be able to read these Kindle books without actually purchasing them on your own. It might be a good idea for some Kindle users to subscribe for Prime membership first as it will bring lot of other benefits as well. The thing to note here is that you can share books from Kindle Lending Library with other people in your home if you want. They must have their own Amazon Prime account to use this benefit.