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How to void check

Voiding a check helps ensure others can’t cash or deposit money from your account. Because checks have important bank information on them, be sure to void them correctly when you don’t want to use them. Learn everything you need to know about how to void a check, including why you should never give someone a blank check. With step-by-step instructions and tips for avoiding common mistakes, you can confidently manage your finances and keep your money safe.

  1. An alternative to using checks is sending money online through platforms like Small World.
  2. Get your paycheck directly deposited into your bank account to save yourself some time and hassle.
  3. Usually, there is no way to cash the check either from banks or from any of the check-cashing places.
  4. You can also use a void check to set up automatic payments.

When it comes to learning how to void a check, the first step is to locate a blue or black pen, as most banks will not accept the void status if a pen of any other color is used. The Chime Visa® Debit Card and the Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card are issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. Or Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit and credit cards are accepted. A voided check still shows information about you and your bank account. It will likely have your name, address, bank name, account number, and routing number. If someone has your voided check, they can see and use all of this information.

Reasons for Using a Voided Check

However, it is possible that some of the information is incomplete, incorrect, or inapplicable to particular circumstances or conditions. You can’t void a check once you’ve given it to the payee. The only way to stop the check from being cashed or deposited is to request a stop payment from your bank, which may involve a fee. Dispose of the voided check or use it to open up a direct debit/bill pay.

The Experian Smart Money™ Digital Checking Account and Debit Card helps you build credit without the debtØ—and with $0 monthly fees¶. There you have it—that’s everything you need to know about how to void a check. Here’s everything you need to know about how to void a check. Find any lingering questions about how to void a check below.

When you void a check, it can’t be used as a check, meaning it can’t be deposited. Usually, a check is a document you sign to allow the recipient to withdraw the amount you specified from your bank’s checking account. Voiding the check makes the recipient unable to do this anymore. If you deposit a voided check in an ATM, it may be briefly accepted. But once the error is identified, the cleared funds will then be removed from the recipient’s bank account and returned to the original owner and a fee may be charged.

How to get a voided check for direct deposit if you don’t have checks

Huntington is here to help you understand the differences between a checking and a savings account and how both could help you manage your finances. There are several reasons you might need to void a check. Write “VOID” in large letters across the front of the check. It’s okay if it covers up the different text boxes on the check. To view important disclosures about the Experian Smart Money™ Digital Checking Account & Debit Card, visit

When we receive your direct deposit information from your employer, we make your pay available to you, up to two days earlyΩΩ. You can easily void a paycheck or other payment through QuickBooks or other accounting software. No, there’s no need to sign or put any extra information on a voided check.

How to void check

To streamline your financial life even more, consider signing up for Experian’s free credit monitoring service. It provides peace of mind by alerting you of important changes to your credit report so you can address potential problems before they become major issues. No matter the reason for needing to trash a check, it’s a good idea to void it first just to be safe—yes, even if you’re planning to rip it up.

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The city and state of the bank is not the address of the branch you go to. It’s the city and state of the headquarters of the bank. Depending upon your bank, you can find this information online, on your bank statements, on your checks (if you have them), or you can go to a teller and ask for this information. A voided check has the word “VOID” written across it, indicating that it cannot be used for payment. Voiding a check ensures it won’t be used by anyone, such as thieves who may write in a large amount for themselves. Then, it can provide key information like your routing number and account number to be used in electronic transactions.

Reasons for Voiding a Check

The tempering process often involves writing a large sum of money out to themselves. A voided check can also be useful for supplying your details to banks. Don’t cover up the bank account or bank routing numbers at the bottom of the check.

What are the 3 steps to voiding a check?

It’s typically written in large letters, so it cannot be mistaken for cash use. Voiding a check prevents the check from being used by anyone, especially thieves who could write a large sum of money out to themselves. Typically, a voided check is used to get information needed for electronic payments because it includes details such as your routing number, account number, and check number.

Why would you void a check?

A voided check can be used to establish a direct deposit or bill pay. To void a check online, log into your banking account and seek out options provided by your bank. If you are unable to locate any voiding options, your next step should be to contact customer service for guidance. If you have the option to stop a check payment or void a check, select this and cancel using the appropriate check number.

Ensure you copy the correct number, or you might cancel the wrong payment. The voiding process is almost always the same, including using a pen to write “VOID” across the cheque or in five separate areas of the check. That said, writing “VOID” in large letters across the check is certainly the faster way of both methods.