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alternative minimum tax

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alternative minimum tax

Pay your property taxes only when they’re due. Don’t prepay your next installment by the end of the year. Make sure your state tax withholding isn’t higher than your expected payment. State tax payments aren’t deductible under the AMT. The AMT exemption is much larger than the standard exemption. But it starts to disappear after you reach a certain income level, called the phaseout.


The AMT is now most likely to hit those at the top of the income scale who are engaged in certain tax sheltering activities. It added the personal exemption, state and local taxes, and the standard deduction. It even targeted deductions like union dues and some medical costs. On the flip side, Reagan’s AMT tax reform eliminated the more exotic investment deductions that were used only by the very wealthy. Congress created a simplified version of theAlternative Minimum Taxin 1969 which was originally known as the millionaires’ tax. It was designed to make sure the wealthy didn’t get away tax-free. In 1969, theInternal Revenue Service discoveredthat 155 millionaires paid no taxes because they used deductions not available to the average worker.

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In contrast, under the regular tax rules capital gains taxes are not paid until the actual shares of stock are sold. For example, if someone exercised a 10,000 share Nortel stock option at $7 when the stock price was at $87, the bargain element was $80 per share or $800,000. Without selling the stock, the stock price dropped to $7.

What Triggers The Alternative Minimum Tax?

The bargain element of an incentive stock option when exercised and the stock is not sold in the same tax year, regardless of whether the stock can immediately be sold. The AMT exemption for 2020 is $113,400 for married couples filing jointly, up from $84,500 in 2017 . For singles and heads of household, the exemption rises from $54,300 in 2017 to $72,900 in 2020. In 2013, Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act. It automatically adjusted the income thresholds to inflation. Congress added the AMT fix to a law that prevented thefiscal cliff in 2013. The downside is that when your income hovers just below the threshold, a pay increase greater than inflation might be enough to push you over the AMT limit.

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  • If that person earned more than $197,900, the AMT tax rate goes up to 28 percent.
  • The individual alternative minimum tax operates alongside the regular income tax.
  • Line 15 on your Form 6251 is $3000 (100 shares x ($33-$3 per share).
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Changes To The Tax Base Matter When Evaluating The Impact Of Tax Reforms

The simplest way to see why you are paying the AMT, or how close you came to paying it, is to look at your Form 6251 from last year. To figure out whether you owe any additional tax under the Alternative Minimum Tax system, you need to fill out Form 6251. The AMT exemption amounts are now indexed to rise with inflation. We want to hear from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users.

In January 1969, Treasury Secretary Joseph W. Barr informed Congress that 155 taxpayers with incomes exceeding $200,000 had paid no federal income tax in 1966. That year, members of Congress received more constituent letters about the 155 taxpayers than about the Vietnam War. Congress subsequently enacted an “add-on” minimum tax that households paid in addition to regular income tax. It applied to certain income items (“preferences”) taxed lightly or not at all under the regular income tax. The largest preference item was the portion of capital gains excluded from the regular income tax.

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If your income tax under the AMT rules is higher than your income tax under the regular rules, you pay the higher amount. This basically determines who has to pay alternative minimum tax. The difference between a taxpayer’s AMTI and his AMT exemption is taxed using the relevant rate schedule. If the TMT is higher than the taxpayer’s regulartax liabilityfor the year, they pay the regular tax and the amount by which the TMT exceeds the regular tax.

The alternative minimum tax is a tax imposed by the United States federal government in addition to the regular income tax for certain individuals, estates, and trusts. As of tax year 2018, the AMT raises about $5.2 billion, or 0.4% of all federal income tax revenue, affecting 0.1% of taxpayers, mostly in the upper income ranges. The TCJA enacted a higher AMT exemption and a large increase in the income at which the exemption begins to phase out. As a result, the TCJA shielded almost all upper-middle and high-income taxpayers from the AMT. The tax is now most likely to affect those at the top of the income scale who take advantage of certain tax shelters allowed under the regular tax but not the AMT. The original minimum tax and the AMT affected fewer than 1 million taxpayers annually through the late 1990s. In 2001, Congress passed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act, which substantially reduced regular income taxes but provided only temporary relief from the AMT.

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Depending on your income and deductions, you may find yourself affected by the AMT in one tax year but not the next. If you’re close to the AMT threshold, it’s good practice to do a multiyear projection to see which tax years pose the most risk for you and how you might mitigate that risk. For example, you could accelerate or delay certain transactions to minimize the risk of triggering the AMT, such as determining the best tax year to sell an asset with a large gain. Real estate property taxes also are disallowed as deductions under the AMT. If that person earned more than $197,900, the AMT tax rate goes up to 28 percent. The AMT is prescribed in 26 USC 55 through 59 and 26 CFR 1.55-1 through 1.59-1. The IRS has not issued a publication on alternative minimum tax, but provides details in instructions to individual Form 6251 and corporate Form 4626.

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alternative minimum tax

Thus, barring legislation from Congress, the AMT will return in force in 2026, affecting 6.7 million taxpayers. That number will rise to 7.6 million by 2030.

Standard Deduction And Personal Exemption

Partnerships and S corporations are generally not subject to income or AMT taxes, but, instead, pass-through the income and items related to computing AMT to their partners and shareholders. Foreign persons are subject to AMT only on their income effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business. In 2018, the corporate AMT was permanently repealed. Before tax year 2018, corporations with average annual gross receipts of $7,500,000 or less for the prior three years are exempt from AMT, but only so long as they continue to meet this test. Further, a corporations were exempt from AMT during its first year as a corporation. Affiliated corporations were treated as if they were a single corporation for all three exemptions ($40,000, $7.5 million, and first year). Previously, corporations filed Form 4626 for AMT.

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