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Specific Instructions for Form 1098-T File Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, if you are an eligible educational institution. You must file for each student you enrol and for whom a reportable transaction is made.

Here’s sample checklist that would be generated for you. I have deleted about seven pages of tax forms and personal details in the list, but you can know how a checklist would look like. Residents for tax purposes may be able use free tax preparation software listed on the the U.S.

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Nonresidents should not use software designed for resident tax forms. Your form will not be correct and you will then have to submit an amended tax return to the Internal Revenue Service . Generally, nonresident aliens who receive any type of payments, e.g., salary, stipend, honorarium, scholarship, etc. are required to file a Federal Tax Return.

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Just like resident aliens and U.S. citizens, there are deductions and credits you can claim to reduce your taxable income. When you prepare your U.S. tax return, you must use Form 1040NR or the shorter 1040NR-EZ, if eligible. If you’re an alien with a green card, meaning the U.S.

Deduction by US-india treaty is itemized deduction not standard deduction. If you file as resident for income tax purpose or non resident the total deduction remains same $10,300. If you file as resident you get that deduction on line 5 of $10,300 , if you file as non resident you get standard deduction of $4000 and Itemized deduction of $6300 which comes to $10,300. They are big name schools offering SprinTax to their International Students and Scholars.

Can International Students Use Turbotax To File Tax Returns?

If your university is not offering this service, you can head straight to SprinTax and start filing your taxes. Now, you can generate the Right tax forms to get FICA Tax refund from IRS by using SprinTax. FICa taxes account for about 7.65% of your Gross Salary. International students on CPT, OPT, STEM OPT Extension are not required to pay FICA Taxes. If you live in a State where State Income Tax has to be filed, then SprinTax can also prepare the required forms for you.

Dependent is a broad definition of a child or another member of your household. In general, non-residents are not allowed to claim dependents on their tax returns. You must use Form 1040NR in order to claim a dependent; the exemption cannot be taken on form 1040NR-EZ. Depending on various factors, you also may need to file both a federal and state tax return.

turbotax sprintax

You have to file 1040x and also send new 1040NR that you can prepare using Sprintax. Contact your Employer’s payroll department and let them know that you are on F1-OPT, so Medicare and Social Security Tax should not be deducted for you. If your employer has already deducted those from your paycheck, you must apply for the refund from IRS. If you live in other states, then State Income Taxes might apply to you based on your income limits. Here’s a couple of Sprintax Reviews from two folks who used their service to file their Income Tax from STEM OPT Facebook Group.

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A teacher or trainee temporarily present in the United States under a “J” or “Q” visa, who substantially complies with the requirements of the visa. An individual temporarily present in the United States as a foreign government-related individual under an “A” or “G” visa. By accessing and using this page you agree to the Terms of Use. Intuit, QuickBooks, QB, TurboTax, ProConnect, and Mint are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

If you need to reprint or modify your tax return, simply log-in to your account and click on the “Download Returns” section on the drop down menu in the top right corner. You can access your Sprintax account for as long as you like and if you choose to use our service for future tax years, you can still access the same account. Depending on your nationality and other conditions, you may be able to claim a tax refund under an international ‘tax treaty’. Tax treaties are agreements between the US and other countries that allow you to claim back tax you paid while working abroad. You may need to prepare a payment voucher and mail it to the IRS with a check or money order if you choose this payment method. If you choose to pay with a payment voucher, Sprintax will provide the filled out form for you.

Please, allow a further 1-2 weeks for mailing, if you requested a check before you contact IRS. Please note the IRS allow up to 6 months for the processing of non-resident returns. Please contact us at and we’ll review your case and provide more information on our offline services and prices. By law, the IRS may assess penalties to taxpayers for both failing to file a tax return and for failing to pay taxes they owe by the deadline. You should note that Form 4868 is an extended deadline to file your tax return but is not an extension of time to pay any money due.

Although Sprintax is accessed online, it does not e-file income tax returns; it merely assists with the completion of the income tax forms. Therefore, it is fine for international students to use Sprintax. Use is free of charge, but is limited to people with University of Michigan/Ann Arbor uniqnames.

  • You can receive the code to access Sprintax from International Student Services or on theInternational Employment Unit’s page.
  • Mint engineers have verified that Mint is not affected by “Heartbleed.” Password resets and re-issuing of SSL certificates are not required at this time.
  • You’ll need forms from Cornell or other employers before you can file.
  • Sprintax is free for your federal income tax return.
  • GTP is not connected to the Glacier Tax Compliance System used to determine tax residency status.
  • If you owe any tax, you must estimate your tax liability on Form 4868 and pay any amount due at that time.

To determine if you meet the substantial presence test for 2014, count the full 120 days of presence in 2014, 40 days in 2013 (1/3 of 120), and 20 days in 2012 (1/6 of 120). Since the total for the 3-year period is 180 days, you are not considered a resident under the substantial presence test for 2014. if you are only filling W-2s go ahead with turbotax. or fill up details on both and check what estimated refund you are getting . residents are taxed for all the income in USA as well outside, whereas NR are taxed only for income in USA. Regardless of the form you use, you will only report amounts that are considered US-source income.

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Please contact the Sprintax team via our online chat system for additional information. However, you must be classified as non-resident for the entire tax year. If you’re unsure, Sprintax can review your circumstances and let you know. If you completed a federal tax return (Form 1040-NR) using the Sprintax software, the program will indicate whether or not you need to file a state tax return . You may follow the instructions and prepare the MA state tax return in the Sprintax software for a small fee.