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obscure scholarships 2017

Washington scholarships are a common form of support for education and many small local scholarships go unclaimed each year. At Going Merry we bring local and statewide scholarships to you so you can easily apply! Make sure to take full advantage of scholarships your community has available to you. Are you someone who puts your all into your academics or hobbies? Your passion has probably helped you achieve an impressive resume that you can showcase in your scholarship applications. Whether you excel at the arts, athletics, or academics, merit-based scholarships award students like you for your outstanding performance. What’s the underlying message of these obscure college scholarships?

Once you sign up, they will send all offers through email Hire a helper skilled trade and technology They will offer you the amount of $2000 and will pay you quarterly. So mention your interests and passions on your profile precisely. If they have any suggestions for your interest,they will send you an email. Money solver Valentine’s day This is an excellent chance to get financial aid for all romantic poets. They simply skip the essay requirement and ask to write some romantic lines, and you will be eligible for this offer. They will give you money $1000 annually No essay weakly scholarship This is the most comfortable way to get a scholarship. As you simply sign up and follow them onall social media platforms you will be eligible for a scholarship worth $ 1000.

Please click to know more about Obscure Scholarships For College. After having a certain result, the Obscure College Scholarships scholarship provider will directly inform you through your mail or telephone.

obscure scholarships 2017

Eligible applicants may need to fill out a scholarship application online and 150 Coca-Cola Scholars may be selected. If you are planning to study in a Christian college, then you should apply for Christian Connector’s$2,500scholarship drawing. High school seniors and first year freshmen who attend Christian college, university, or Bible college may apply. These 25 scholarships are so easy to apply for. It doesn’t hurt to apply and you might be the lucky winner of one these awards!

Before you give up on the idea of getting a scholarship, take a look at this list of the weirdest college scholarships out there. With scholarships as strange as these, you may be eligible for more free college funding than you think! The amount offered is the top prize; there may be runner-up prizes too.

And they are offering this amount on a weakly basis Easy TALLO TALLO is offering a $1000 scholarship each month. Go and register your email address Niche college survey Here you qualify for the scholarship by merely answering to question related to your college. Invite a friend sweepstake You just need to sign up and invite a friend you will be eligible for financial aid worth $500, and you will get it monthly. Do something “teens for jeans” You have to donate your old jeans and take a picture. Now send this Pic with your other requirements simply you are eligible of $500 money Wise geek lifelong learner They are also offering a $500 scholarship monthly. While many students believe that they are disqualified for scholarships, you might be the ideal applicant for endless, wide-ranging possibilities provided by colleges and companies. Best of all, there are many things you should start doing right this second to improve your chances of getting scholarships.

By completing activities on the site, you earn points that you can use to enter scholarship drawings. In 2015, ScholarshipPoints is set to give away more than $100,000 through random drawings. If you aren’t interested in filling out essays and submitting transcripts, you can leave the fate of your scholarship funds to chance.

“If you have to pay money to get money, it’s probably a scam,” he says. You’ll face more competition for larger national scholarships with less-restrictive eligibility requirements, but the higher award money could be worth the time spent on an application.

When I graduated nearly fifteen years ago, I had about $35,000 in student loan debt and that is with the help of grants and scholarships. That depends completely on the Obscure Scholarships For College scholarship you achieved. All the amounts of money can be sent directly to your bank card or cash or might be sent to your college or other ways. the scholarship provider will inform you before they send you via your telephone or your email, so you can free peace of mind. There are 20 options of scholarship given in the search results of Obscure Scholarships For College. They meet different conditions of different students. This scholarship competition not only offers money for college, it gives talented young inventors the opportunity to network and brainstorm with some of the top inventors in the country.

Unique Scholarships For College Students

If you’re a student with a job, contact the human resources department to see whether you qualify for any scholarship opportunities. McDonald’s, for example, has a National Employee Scholarship Program that awards $1,000 to one employee in each state and the District of Columbia every academic year. In addition, the fast-food chain annually gives one $5,000 scholarship to the “McScholar of the Year.” We’ve identified 11 great sources of college scholarships. Take a look to see which ones are right for you. The fall of your junior year of high school is a good time to begin evaluating your scholarship options. Application deadlines will vary, but don’t be surprised if some are due a full year before college starts.

Being a first-generation college student is a huge accomplishment. First-generation means you’re the first in your family to pursue a post-secondary education. Some of our parents, grandparents, etc. understandably might not have had the opportunity, the funding, or the time to attend college. Now, there are first-generation scholarships students can apply for to help ease the costs of college tuition.

Of The Weirdest College Scholarships

Postgraduate students can also apply but not high school students. Discover student Discover students giving you a significant amount of $5000, and they are giving it every month. This offers all students irrespective of his/ her grade. Students from high school, college, or university are eligible for this offer You deserve it This organization is giving financial aid of $1000 annually.

This is actually a series of smaller scholarships covering specific fields of study.Zombie fans. If you can survive a zombie apocalypse, you can make college cheaper.

obscure scholarships 2017

North Carolina was ranked 35th most expensive and 18th most affordable state or district to attend college during the academic year. In fact, the average annual in-state college tuition in North Carolina was $10,925 during that same academic year. scholarship committees typically reissue the scholarship to another person. We’ll explore how you can take advantage of this a little later on.

Do I Have To Give Out My Personal Information To Find Obscure Scholarships For College?

While the average tuition for Mississippi’s public and private colleges is lower than the nation’s average ($6,612 for public and $15,042 for private), every bit of financial support helps! Check out these 20 Mississippi college scholarships that you can apply for today. With at least twenty-one colleges and universities in this midwestern state, students flock to North Dakota institutions to further their education. Here are 18 scholarships in North Dakota that can help you get started with your college career. Are you an average student, or did you not get the most awesome grades– but still want scholarship money for college? We’re here with good news – there are scholarships without any GPA requirements.

Be sure to expand your search to include national religious governing bodies. The United Methodist Church, for example, oversees more than 50 scholarship programs available to its active members. The average undergraduate award is between $500 and $2,000. Check with your place of worship to see whether it offers any scholarships to members. If not, staff might know of local or regional groups that do offer scholarships to students of your faith. Just keep in mind that faith-based aid might be directed to students attending universities with religious missions, or students pursuing religious studies and related professions. As a perk for workers, some businesses have scholarship programs available not only to employees but also to employees’ children and sometimes even extended family.

Just fill out a short online survey about your dorm experience. Don’t let a low GPA scare you away from applying for scholarships.

Unusual And Weird Scholarships For College

In 2014, Staples awarded $320,000 to 112 graduating students and alumni. Some schools, with funding from the local parent-teacher association or local philanthropists, award annual scholarships. For instance, John Champe High School, in Aldie, Va., offers two $1,000 scholarships, sponsored by the PTSA, to graduating seniors. And the Clarence M. Gillis Memorial Scholarship Fund, a $500 privately endowed award, is given to a graduating senior from one of two Roanoke, Va., high schools. If you are part of the band or chorus at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, R.I., you can apply for the Daniel Patrick O’Neil Memorial Scholarship. Some schools automatically consider applicants with grade point averages or standardized test scores that are above a certain threshold for merit scholarships. No additional scholarship application is required.

By creating a three- to five-minute film discussing issues faced by women around the world, you can compete for $1,000 to $5,000 in cash, as well as an internship with the Creative Visions Foundation. If you think there’s no way that your obscure hobby could help you pay for school, think again.

  • North Carolina is the birthplace of Krispy Kreme and Pepsi, but the Old North State has even more interesting facts!
  • The United Negro College Fund partners with numerous organizations to provide college scholarships.
  • For instance, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship awards 150 $20,000 scholarships.
  • Duck Brand has a Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest for people who are creative and daring enough to create their prom ensembles out of Duck Tape.
  • I am very intrigued by the scholarships you have placed here.

Whether you’re left-handed, a Pokemon master, or passionate about laser tattoo removal, there’s a scholarship for you. Some scholarships are specifically designed for students on a certain career path. If the winner changes majors after the first semester, the scholarship may not be available in the second semester. As we mentioned, students can lose a scholarship for several reasons such as lying on their application, or for violating a school or scholarship rule. In order to keep receiving the award, the recipient must fulfill the scholarship’s renewal requirements. If the student does not do this, the scholarship issuer will not provide additional funding the following year. National Merit Scholar after scoring well on the PSAT.

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Don’t go getting any bright ideas about changing your identity, either. To claim this scholarship, you’ll need a copy of your birth certificate and a baptismal or confirmation certificate confirming your last name and your status as a Catholic. The Zolp Scholarship is for any Catholic student whose last name is Zolp, who also happens to attend Loyola University Chicago. Finally, we’d like to share with you the most interestingly specific scholarship we have found.